A child’s watch could be the perfect gift

I don’t know about you but I do like to buy useful gifts. Toys that I know children will use for a long time  are always a good idea and I love to buy board games, skipping ropes and card games that can last for years and bring endless fun.Scrabble and Frustration are my favourites as I think they bring hours of family fun!

I also like to buy very sensible practical gifts that are key developmental tools too. Diving sticks are a great gift idea, a purse is too. These all indicate the child is growing up and have growing skills and abilities. This is an important part of having another birthday and getting older.

Getting a watch for your birthday is a rite of passage. learning to tell the time is such an important skill and one that take a lot of effort and time to acquire. It is so important to encourage this.Consequently that first watch that is all yours is a real sign of ‘growing up’. There are some gorgeous children’s watches out there.


I love the pretty design and classic clear face on this one.

The rubber on is super practical and has very handy 5 minute markings around the outside to help with learning.
Flik flak watches are very easy to put on and great for fumbly little hands
You can even get character watches which little fans will be keen to wear
Come to think of it I would quite like a Katsuma watch myself! 

Watches are a great gift idea both useful and long lasting.

These watches are all available from The Watch Hut


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