A Craft Making Christmas Party

In the run up to Christmas children love to craft. Don’t kid yourself they do enough at school..given half a chance most kids love to get crafty at home too. It does not have to be messy you just need the right products.

For my daughter the pleasure she gets from having a few little friends round to play, some tea and some craft activities is huge.

We have our Christmas craft tea date all booked in for this year and we have been playing around with some crafting activities we might use. They need to be simple and fun.

We decided it would be nice if everyone could make a gift to take away and use for Christmas and what could be easier than a book mark with the recipients names glitter written on. This again is a non messy activity  thanks to our Bostik glitter pens


We are also going to have a go at making some puppets and doing a little nativity play. Here you can see the 3 wise man made very simply from some paper shapes.

wise men

We use Bostik glue dots rather them messy splodgy glue. I find it much neater to use these and avoid all sorts of gluey hair and cat problems! They are removable too so if little hands stick things in the wrong place it’s n problem it can be easily adjusted .  I have actually used Blu tack from Bostik to attach the bodies to the stick. This is so they can be removed from the sticks after the puppet show and stuck onto one big picture.

This is a commissioned post from Bostik who provided the items for review 

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