Love is the sweetest thing

al bowlby

My dad was a whistler, when he whistled you could hear him coming down the road. It was almost always a love song that he whistled and this song from 1933  sung by Al Bowlby was his favourite.   Love is the sweetest thing What else on earth could ever bring Such happiness to ev’rything […]

How to have a last minute party for the kids


As we’re still in the midst of the summer holidays, it can be difficult coming up with ideas to keep your kids entertained. Even if you’re the most organised of mums or dads, there are just some things that we can’t predict which can hamper our plans altogether, including the old faithful British weather. If […]

Layer Up the Cakes

Not sure what flavour of cake to get? Why not get everything? Let’s face it: children’s parties can be overwhelming. Even experienced party planners can have trouble planning every aspect of the party. After all, to execute the perfect party, you’ll have to find the perfect balance between meeting the celebrant’s demands, as well as […]

A History of Brighton’s Tourism Industry


  Self proclaimed history geeks will love Brighton, or Brighthelmstone as it was known before the 18th Century. The Old Town in particular, also known as The Lanes, is an area that was used in the same layout, way back in medieval times. The medieval buildings are unfortunately long gone, thanks to a raid by […]

Attention! Army party anyone?

So, your son (or daughter) has decided they would like an army or camouflage theme for their forthcoming birthday party, and you aren’t quite sure where to start?  The world of tanks, guns, and fatigues isn’t even on your horizon?  The closest you’ve come to an army experience is shouting like a Sergeant Major when […]

Gorgeous Galway


If you can’t decide between a city-based holiday or a more laid-back beach break, then the city of Galway on the west coast of Ireland could be exactly what you’re looking for as it combines both beautifully. With plenty of cheap flights available and a brilliant choice of hotels in Galway, it couldn’t be easier […]

Tips and Tricks for the Car Themed Party

These days cars are everywhere – and I mean everywhere! You only need to take a quick glance around your home to see how it’s permeated your family’s lifestyle. Your TV? Might be playing Cars the Pixar film. Own a gaming console? Chances are your kids are playing Mario-Kart. Even Thomas the Tank Engine has […]

Kids parties over a lifetime.


My kids are currently 9 and 6. I have hosted many many parties for them so far. They have had puppy parties, swimming parties, fairy parties, Lego parties and movie parties. As well as bouncy castle parties, football parties, christening parties and Easter parties. I do like to throw a good party for my kids […]

Party Sweets


I don’t know about you but my kids don’t eat a lot of sweets. They are reserved for special occasions and treats. They always get a little bag of sweets if we go to the cinema. sometimes when friends come to play. They always have sweeties in their stocking at Christmas and ALWAYS at parties. […]

A child’s watch could be the perfect gift

I don’t know about you but I do like to buy useful gifts. Toys that I know children will use for a long time  are always a good idea and I love to buy board games, skipping ropes and card games that can last for years and bring endless fun.Scrabble and Frustration are my favourites […]

How to celebrate love

Last year I ask ed twitter for some thrifty tips for treating your loved one on valentines day and I also shared a simple heart art craft Its not easy being romantic when you are a busy new mum so I have written some Love tips too for those in that position!  I also wrote […]

Memorable ways to celebrate a birthday


When I think back to my childhood it is the more unusual birthday experiences that stick in my memory. There was a cowboy restaurant in town and the year we went there for my birthday treat really sticks out . Once we went on a birthday train ride and that was great fun too. One […]

Making Kid’s Parties Fun: Top Five Unisex Themes for Boys and Girls


Guest post Now that Christmas is done and dusted, and the kids are on their way back to school, it’s time to give some thought to your youngster’s upcoming birthday. It may be soon, in a couple of months or way down the line, but it’s never too early to give their next birthday party […]

A Craft Making Christmas Party


In the run up to Christmas children love to craft. Don’t kid yourself they do enough at school..given half a chance most kids love to get crafty at home too. It does not have to be messy you just need the right products. For my daughter the pleasure she gets from having a few little […]

Gluten-free party food

fruit skewers

Catering for kids with a gluten-free diet can be tricky at the best of times. When it comes to party time, how can you make sure everyone is happy and safe, without splashing out on expensive ready-made options? We share some simple gluten-free recipes and ideas that will keep the little ones happy and healthy. […]