Christmas Party Clothes

I have been looking at new winter coats as the cold is definitely settling in. On my last count it was only about 8 weeks till Christmas and this year we are going to throw a party in our home I just haven’t quite made my mind up yet whether its going to be a […]

Slippers, Parties and Smiles.

The key ingredient to hosting a child’s party in you home is to be,relaxed but also well organised. Here are my top tips: Be relaxed Being relaxed is so important prior to and also during a kids party.  Giving your self plenty of time to get things ready can really help. Then slipping into clean […]

Christmas Parties Without any Stress


Are you planning to host a Christmas party? Christmas parties are always great fun for kids and adults alike so why not throw one this year. It doesn’t have to be little black dresses, mountains of carefully cooked nibbles and not a child insight. No don’t be daunted. Jolly , fun and memory making is […]

Do parties always make you moan?

  Putting in my Bausch & Lomb contact lenses, pulling up a chair and focusing really hard I manage to write out my daughters party list, I do struggle to remember 30 names  (the kids in her class! ) Don’t you?  She hasn’t got a clue past the 13 girls and get s their names […]

How to throw a Moshi Monsters party

  My little nephew loves Moshi’s partly the cute Moshi’s  and partly the ‘being allowed on mummy’s computer’ that get him excited. I have to say I do think they are super cute. When he decided he wanted a party that was Moshi themed I have to admit we were a bit stumped. It […]

Unique birthday ideas: baking party


If it’s coming up to your child’s next birthday, have you put any thought into the party yet? You’ve probably attended a whole host of parties already this year, each with the usual fancy dress, soft play and bouncy castles. Why not throw something completely different? A baking party! The kids can have fun and […]

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Tips for Parents when hosting a party at home.


Parents your home can be in jeopardy when its full of little kids with food, games and fun on their mind. You need to safeguard it  prior to them coming to a party at yours make sure your precious home stays intact! Don’t over cater it will take up all your time and kids NEVER […]

A Funny Fathers day Inforgraphic

How does your dad measure up?     Source: Best Western  

Making your home safe for a children’s party


  Once the decision has been made to hold the children’s party of the century, it is time to get down to practical matters. Many parents choose to open the doors of their home for a child’s party as opposed to hiring a venue; it is cheaper, logistically simpler, and afterwards they can collapse in […]

8 Tips for Helping Your Child Get Organised


Getting children into good organisational routines can seem daunting, but it is a necessary step in your child’s development as they continue to learn and grow. Organisation skills are key for success in all aspects of life, and although this may seem like a lot of pressure, you don’t have to start too big. So […]

Party Shopping on a Budget.


  Do you want a few tips on party shopping on a budget. Listen up….     From pinatas to party banners, fathers day to Independence day, kids birthdays for boys and special age birthday PartyBox is one of those one stop shops online where you can pretty much find everything you need int he […]

How to afford your child’s party


Parties can be expensive. Venues, invites,food, entertainers, pinatas,  gifts for games,  and so on . And of course the blooming party bags! Then their are party clothes, a gift for the child and a parent left scratching their head and wondering how on earth they are going o pay for it! Kids want more and […]

After party clean up time!


Oh parties ! As you have probably guessed I really do love them but my goodness are they a lot of effort.So much so I often vow after cleaning up after them that I will never EVER host one again. of course all that is forgotten by the time the next year comes around. There […]

10 top tips for keeping kids safe at parties


1. Have a first aid kit to hand, eye wash, plasters, bandages etc. can all come in very handy. 2. Don’t let kids walk around with drinks unless they are in a carton. One quick spill and whoosh they are down. Make your rules clear from the start and be firm! Pink ballet pinata 3. […]