Kids parties over a lifetime.

My kids are currently 9 and 6.

I have hosted many many parties for them so far.

They have had puppy parties, swimming parties, fairy parties, Lego parties and movie parties. As well as bouncy castle parties, football parties, christening parties and Easter parties. I do like to throw a good party for my kids and they have cost me a fair bit in their time. Money well spent in my mind though as parties are so much fun and great memories are so important.


My daughter wants a princess party this year, all themed with a rather spectacular cake too.

My son has told me this year he doesn’t want a party. To say I am rather gutted about this is an understatement. Perhaps a few friends to the cinema and a pizza  he suggested but no party bags mum or anything like that ! What? I love party bags!  His birthday isn’t till June so perhaps he will change his mind. My husband says I should be glad we don’t have to spend the money.

I am under no illusions however, I know my children and their parties are going to be costing me money well into my old age.

I am sure they will want 18 and 21st parties. I certainly did. And then what about graduation party’s. Oh and if they get married that wedding party isn’t going to be cheap. And before that they may even want an engagement party and of course if they have kids I will want  to help towards a christening party. Of course having 2 kids I will have to do all this at least twice (who knows how many kids they  will have my daughter aged 6 says she wants 6!)

I am in my early 40s know so when my kids are in their late 20’s I will (hopefully) be retired. Despite this I will want to host these parties (or at least help pay for them.) This means I need to make plans now.

I need to work out if what I have been paying insto a pension pot is going to be enough ot if this is something I need to increase. You can try this superannuation calculator  to find out and it is certainly an important thing to discover. My children will still be wanting parties and mummy’s contribution towards them for many years yet. And for me that is both a joy and a pleasure so I need to make sure I am financially prepared!









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