Layer Up the Cakes

Not sure what flavour of cake to get? Why not get everything?

Let’s face it: children’s parties can be overwhelming. Even experienced party planners can have trouble planning every aspect of the party. After all, to execute the perfect party, you’ll have to find the perfect balance between meeting the celebrant’s demands, as well as keeping guests happy, all while staying under your budget.

When it comes to the cake, there’s often very little contention. After all, birthday cakes are a staple of parties, and very rarely do you find anyone who can say no to cake. The flavour of the cake often goes unquestioned, but everyone has their own favourite flavour. Why not bake something that everyone will love by putting together a cake made up of all those yummy flavours?


Rainbow cakes are among the most popular layered cakes, and while the different colours of these layers should be enough to keep kids entertained at your parties, you could step things up a notch by making different flavours for each layer, and stacking them up high!


No matter what flavours you decide to go with, always put the denser flavours at the bottom. This way, you can be sure that the cake won’t sink into itself as the party wears on. For example, you could have a dense, fudgy chocolate layer at the bottom of your cake, followed by a lighter yet still compact strawberry sponge, and finally, a confetti layer to top off your masterpieces.

Just be careful when stacking up the layers. Two or three-layer cakes should be able to stand quite well on their own, but if you want to build an even taller cake, you may have to rely on dowel rods. Here’s a very quick tutorial on how to use them from M&S:

Of course, you’d need frosting that goes well with all the different layers. For this, a delicious, creamy and rich buttercream frosting should do the trick!



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