Love is the sweetest thing

My dad was a whistler, when he whistled you could hear him coming down the road. It was almost always a love song that he whistled and this song from 1933  sung by Al Bowlby was his favourite.

al bowlby


Love is the sweetest thing

What else on earth could ever bring

Such happiness to ev’rything

As Love’s old story.

Love is the greatest thing

The oldest yet, the latest thing

I only hope that fate may bring

Love’s story to you

I think he used to whistle it endlessly because he loved my mum so much because he was happy. I think I get my sense of romance from him and all the old black and white love stories he would watch again and again. He never said much but she had fresh flowers on her table every week of their married life. Their marriage spanned 30 years and when he passed away part of her did too.

Theirs was a love story.

Valentines day is nearly here and inevitably fills my head with love and romance. I think of those who have gone before me and how they showed me what romance was.

My granddad adored my granny. She lived in her bed in the corner of their lounge permanently due to her health and she did not speak for many years. He  treated her like the absolute princess she was and he made life as lovely as he could for her. Pink blossoms would be cut form trees and bought inside for her to see. Her tea was always at the exact right temperature. her hair always lovingly brushed.

Theirs was a love story.

How lucky I am to have seen this love and romance in my life too, I hope you have this in yours.  I have just been reading over at TheCircle  how

Love and relationships bring happiness and security and gives life a greater meaning

I so agree. I do love Valentines day if you can move past the commercialim it really is a good day to reflect on the love and relationships in your life.

Written in collaboration with TheCircle

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