Memorable ways to celebrate a birthday

When I think back to my childhood it is the more unusual birthday experiences that stick in my memory.

There was a cowboy restaurant in town and the year we went there for my birthday treat really sticks out . Once we went on a birthday train ride and that was great fun too.

One year for my birthday (when money was short) my parents took me to see the planes flying off from the airport and we had a picnic ( I thought it was a marvellous treat). I live near the National Water Sports Centre and have taken my son on his birthday to see the white water rafting and he thought this was VERY exciting.

Events that are unusual and memorable are perfect for birthday treats.

A good friend of mine once took her child and some friends to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs and this was a huge hit. I’d like to take mine to the Tower of London for their joint birthday treat this year. There is only a week between their birthdays so I like to do something joint. We could combine this with an open top bus tour much fun would that be and a day they would always remember I am sure.


Birthdays don’t have to be cake, party bags and pass the parcel. I know that’s the way things usually go but it doesn’ t mean that that’s the way it has to be. Parties should be fun, exciting and wonderful but that can take many forms. Why don’t you dig deeper this year and find out how your child wants to celebrate their special day.





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