Party Sweets

I don’t know about you but my kids don’t eat a lot of sweets. They are reserved for special occasions and treats. They always get a little bag of sweets if we go to the cinema. sometimes when friends come to play. They always have sweeties in their stocking at Christmas and ALWAYS at parties.

When my kids go to a party having sweeties is all part of the fun,. It seems a bit of a tradition these days that if you are out at musical statues you get a sweet. If you unwrap a layer at pass the parcel you get a sweet. I am sure when I was a kid you got nothing!

Being veggie they have to have gelatine free sweets so I often take them along myself and pass them to the party host who can make sure that my kids can actually eat any prizes they win.  More Sweets sell lots and lots of fun, retro sweeties and they have a great vegetarian selection too.


I love to pop a few sweeties in party bags too as they are a cheap way to fill it up and kids just love them. In the past I have had a little competition to guess how many sweets are in the jar and then emptied the jar of sweets into little bags for the kids to take home.

My son went on a cub camp recently and his absolute highlight ( despite abseiling and rock climbing) was the sweeties the boys all took and shared at their midnight feast.

I have to say I might be a grown up but I am partial to a sweetie too!



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