Tips and Tricks for the Car Themed Party

These days cars are everywhere – and I mean everywhere! You only need to take a quick glance around your home to see how it’s permeated your family’s lifestyle. Your TV? Might be playing Cars the Pixar film. Own a gaming console? Chances are your kids are playing Mario-Kart. Even Thomas the Tank Engine has gained a few friends who are of the non-rail vehicular breed.

So it shouldn’t come to any surprise if that once-a-year event of a birthday rolls around and your child requests a theme that is probably close to his or her heart: cars. What is surprising however is just how easy it is to base a theme around it – many times easier than using the traditional ideas of superheroes or even Sesame Street. With cars being an everyday object, it can mean that finding car related services and items are that much easier. Try these ideas on for size:

Feed Them…


Photo credit: Disney baby blog

Of course a cake is de riguer but for accompanying bits, sandwiches and cookies can feed hungry kids perfectly while still maintaining the vehicle theme. Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches work well, as shown above, as cucumbers can be placed on the side to act as wheels. Cookies or sweets can be decorated with Smarties or fruit gums for a traffic light effect.